VARIOUS ARTISTS – Diesel Bends, Dangerous Curves


RED FOX CHASERS – Wreck On The Mountain Road
FATS WALLER – Truckin’
BLIND BOY FULLER – Truckin’ My Blues Away
AL MILLER – Truckin’ Old Fool
SMOKEY WOOD – Keep On Truckin’
THE MODERN MOUNTAINEERS – Everybody’s Trucking
CLIFF BRUNER – Truck Driver’s Blues
DELMORE BROTHERS – The Dying Truck Driver
DICK REINHART – Truck Driver’s Coffee Stop
KARL & HARTY— – Truck Driver’s Sweetheart
ART GIBSON – I’m A Truck Driving Man
THE MILO TWINS – Truck Driver’s Boogie
JOE CANNONBALL LEWIS – Truck Driver’s Night Run Blues
EDDIE HAZELWOOD – Truck Drivin’ Woman
SPEEDY WEST – Truck Driver’s Ride
JESS WILLARD – Truck Driver’s Boogie
BOB WILLIAMS – Pick-Up Truck
JIMMIE DALE – Goodnight Cincinnati, Good Morning Tennessee
DOYE O’DELL – Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves
BOB NEWMAN – Haulin’ Freight

BOB NEWMAN – Lonesome Truck Driver’s Blues—
WILLIE NIX – Truckin’ Little Woman
JIMMY BOYD – Truck Driver’s Boogie
BILLY STRANGE – Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves
JIMMY WALKER – High Geared Daddy
GENE CRABB – Truck Stop Lucy
SPEEDY WEST – Speedin’ West
TERRY FELL – Truck Drivin’ Man
LINK DAVIS – Trucker From Tennessee
JOHNNY HORTON – I’m Coming Home
DUANE EDDY – 40 Miles Of Bad Road
STANLEY BROTHERS – How Far To Little Rock
LONNIE IRVING – Pinball Machine
COLEMAN WILSON – Radar Blues Pt. 1
COLEMAN WILSON – Radar Blues Pt. 2
LONNIE IRVING – Trucker’s Vitus
COLEMAN WILSON – Passing Zone Blues
HANK SNOW – I’ve Been Everywhere
GLEN CAMPBELL – Truck Driving Man
COLEMAN WILSON – A Green Truck Driver’s First Experience With Radar.